Gates of Hell

A Christian Thriller by Andy DeWitt


Moments after proposing on a mountain in Israel, a man’s fiancé is abducted by an ancient pagan cult, and he’s her only hope to save her from being sacrificed in their secret temple, The Gates of Hell.

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Taken with Liam Neeson meets Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code ...


Gates of Hell is a thrilling adventure you won't want to miss.

One Moment She Gets Engaged
The Next She Disappears From The Face of the Earth

On top of a stunning mountain in Israel, award-winning inventor Chase Johnson proposes to his girlfriend, Abby. She cries, “Yes.” They celebrate as their mutual friend, Tiffany, takes photos.

Chase runs to get his buddy so the four of them can celebrate together. When the men return, all they find are shattered cell phones and a broken camera. The girls have vanished.

Chase reports the disappearance to the local police, embassy, and social media, but they offer little help. Desperate to find them, the men use their own innovative technology to follow leads from one end of Israel to the other.

When all hope seems lost, Chase discovers Abby and Tiffany’s abductors, an ancient pagan cult still alive and well. Unless Chase can win a race against time, the cult is ready to make Abby a human sacrifice at their temple called The Gates of Hell.

Get ready for a thriller that will set your heart pounding and your mind racing long into the night.

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"Gates of Hell is an extraordinary combination of suspense, technology, and Christian exposition. Andy DeWitt expertly develops characters with a variety of beliefs. There is a clear contrast between the Biblical faith of the main characters and the deception that clouds the minds of others. It was interesting to see that deception was shown not only as blatantly evil but also as misleadingly innocent. DeWitt weaves together separate storylines in a tense presentation with plot twists that keep you surprised. The backdrop for the story is the beautiful country of Israel, and we see some of the Jewish customs that are a 'shadow of the good things to come.' I highly recommend Gates of Hell—you will be both entertained and edified."

Leanne Lucas, author of When Skies Are Gray

About the Author

Andy DeWitt left his life as an oral surgeon to craft stories that send readers on adventures of deep faith and selfless sacrifice. He lives in the Midwest with his amazing wife and three incredible children. His other books include Give Your Best and Radical Giving.

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