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Write great without lifting a pen. Ghostwriting allows you to do the work you were born to do, while we write your book for you.  


Writing Made Easy

Are you looking for the fastest, easiest way to get your dynamic professional book complete?  Are you ready for your entertaining and educational training to change lives?  We've got you covered.

Leave The Heavy Lifting To Us

When you hire Andy DeWitt to ghostwrite your amazing book, you've invested in the best! You won't get a bland, canned look. He will listen to your message and teaching, then customize a book specifically for your audience so you achieve your desired outcomes. He'll get to know you, your organization, and your teaching, so your message comes through in a professional book to create long-lasting results. 

With charisma, warmth, and humor, Andy will use a variety of techniques to ask questions, listen, and write in your voice, with your passion and energy. We triple-check for perfection so your amazing message reaches your unique audience in the best way possible.

Write Your Way to Success

Our practical program is designed to help you win with minimal effort. From initial brainstorming to final drafts, you communicate what you want, we put it into words. 

For writers of all levels—beginners to published authors—this comprehensive program will give you a detailed plan of action for achieving your goals, including: 

  •  A Step-by-Step Guide for taking your book from idea to reality. 
  •  Tips on How to Market and Sell Your Book 
  •  Publishing Success Secrets. Once you have your manuscript in hand, we'll guide you to the printing and publishing process.

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Five Keys to Bring Power To Your Writing and Release Your Inspirational Teaching by Andy DeWitt

This eBook is one of Andy DeWitt's most popular publications available as a free download. Inside of this ebook, you will learn:

  • Release Your Unique Creative Voice
  • Build a Ritual of Writing
  • Block Writer's Block
  • Work With A Game Plan
  • Excellence Delivered

What People Are Saying:

Neil Ihde
Life IQ, WI

"As a professional speaker, I knew it was time to write a book, but I couldn’t find the time. Before working with Andy, I had a dozen ideas floating around in my head but was struggling with getting organized, getting my thoughts on paper, and following through.
Andy is not simply a coach, he’s a catalyst. Working with Andy is dynamic and synergistic. He has the expertise of how to write a book but partnering with him is so much more than that. He listens and reflects so you can begin to find your voice. Today I am proud to say I’m an author."

Mary Pudaite Keating
Seed Company, CO

"Before working with Coach Andy, I had ideas floating around in my head but was struggling with getting organized, getting my thoughts onto paper, and following through.

He helped me see the big picture of my story and how it fits into the message I deeply desired to share. He helped me complete my book. Today I am a proud author and share my story all around the world."

Ramie Stenzel

"I was struggling with the idea of making a book and came to Andy with a few handwritten stories.

Andy helped me get familiar with the technology I needed. He dove into my content, ruminated about the messaging, and became engrossed in helping me tell my story. Today I am a proud author helping people with a past like mine to overcome."

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